Document Sets Part 1: Setting up Document Sets


Document Sets are really cool to play with in SharePoint 2010. They save time, storage and a lot of hassles as they also support permissions, workflows and a lot many other features. So in this article we will learn how to enable document sets creation.
First go to “Site Actions > Site Settings”:

From “Site collection administration” click “Site collection features”:

From the site collection features page, click the “Activate” button next to “Document Sets” title:

Now you should see the “Active” label next to “Document Sets” table:

Now the fun starts. Go to your document library anywhere under this site collection. From the “Library Tools” tab choose the sub-tab called “Library”. The library ribbon appears, click “Library Settings” icon:

The library settings page appears, click the “Advanced Settings” link:

From there choose the “Yes” radio button under “Allow management of content types?”

Then you will see a new section in your library settings page called “Content Types”. Click the “Add from existing content types” link under that section:

Choose “Document Set” from the dropdown menu on the left then click the “Add >” button. Now you should see the “Document Set” item in the right dropdown menu:

Now you should see the “Document Set” link in the “Content Type” section under the “Library Settings” page:

Now go back to you document library, from the “Library Tools” tab click the “Documents” sub-tab. Click the “New Document” icon and choose “Document Set” option:

Give a name for your document set. You also might add description and keywords as well:

Voilà, now there is your document set up and running and ready for more fun. You should notice the new tab “Document Set” and the sub-tab “Manage” at the top of your page.

The coming articles of this topic will containg more deep dive and more fun with document sets.