Making the Title column required in Document / Picture Libraries

In many cases you find yourself in a dilemma that the "Title" field in document or picture libraries is not required.

You try to edit the filed to make required or even delete it and create your own custom required field but both options are not valid.

There is a solutions for that though. This is a small trick that you can do to make the "Title" field required for document / picture libraries.

First go to Document / Picture library settings. From the "General Settings" tab click "Advanced Settings" link:

From "Content Types" section set "Allow Multiple Content Types" to "Yes"

Now the browser will get you back to the settings page and you will notice a new section: "Content Types".

In the case of a document library the type will be "Document", but it will be "Picture" if you are working on a picture library. Now click the "Document / Picture" link to edit its properties.

When you do that you will go to the settings page of this content type. In the section called "Columns" you will notice the "Title" field as below:

When you click on the "Title" link you be directed to the column properties page. There you can set the option from the "Column Settings" section to:  Required (Must contain information).

There you go. Now the "Title" field is required and the user HAS to fill it before checking the document / picture up.