Installing Arabic Language Pack for MOSS 2007 over Windows Server 2008

Installing MOSS 2007 language pack should be straight forawrd. You install the language pack, you run the SharePoint Technologies Wizard and you are done. Right away you can create multilingual sites easily. But the problem happens when you insall MOSS over Windows 2008 Server, while Windows 2008 Server does not accept installing the MOSS 2008 unless it is loaded with SP1, it is also obvious that the same thing goes for the Language Pack.

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MOSS Limitations List

Are you planning for a big SharePoint implementation: Intranet, Exrtanet, Web Portal, Document Management ...etc? Well you definitely chose the right technology. Just keep in mind these limitations and guidelines for the best SharePoint 2007 implementation. Good luck!

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SharePoint 2007 Permission Matrix

Many People ask me the same questions:How do we set the permissions for this? How can we grant access for that? What the difference netween site permission and list permission? How does the item permission level work?

I believe you should read this document to understand the permission set of SharePoint 2007. In this case you might have a clearer idea on how permissions in MOSS 2007 work.

SharePoint Permissions Matrix Excel Sheet.

Don't freak out! It's pretty huge but of a great use