Search Servers Comparisons

Microsoft has recently released the full, and ommercial, version of its Enterprise Search Server 2008. This new product is joining the MS Enterprise Search Server family besides MS Search Server Express and MOSS 2007.

Here are the comparative features for each server vs the other brother servers:

Product FeaturesMicrosoft Search Server 2008 ExpressMicrosoft Search Server 2008Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007
Search Center???
No Pre-set Document Limits???
Extensible Search Experience???
Relevance Tuning???
Continuous Propagation Indexing???
Federated Search Connectors???
Indexing Connectors???
Security-trimmed Results???
Unified Administration Dashboard???
Query and Results Reporting???
Streamlined Installation?? 
High Availability and Load Balancing ??
People and Expertise Searching  ?
Business Data Catalog  ?
SharePoint Productivity Infrastructure  ?